Algorithm to drive enhanced active management service

If you are already using a wealth management service? I’d like you to compare what you are being provided by your current adviser and our enhanced active management service.

I can assure you what we have in place is designed to not only provide the best possible active management service available to investors but also give your investment portfolios the best possible chance to perform at it’s optimum.

Over the past 5 years we have developed an algorithm to identify trading opportunities in various markets such as FX trading, and long term indices e.g. FTSE 100, Nikkei and Dow Jones. Our success has been exciting to say the least, in our last live test we placed 200 trades to gauge profitability; the algorithm returned 198 winning trades, evidenced below over a one month period.

Our algorithm is a complex set of rules to be adhered to with the use of trading software and a manual decision process to determine the outcome.

Unfortunately due to being a regulated firm we are unable to trade FX for our clients, so we have looked at how we can enhance our service, we are now in a position to offer a unique advisory enhanced active management service that is unlikely to be matched by any firm, for two reasons, they not prepared to sacrifice profits to put the resource in place which we believe is required to offer a superior service and they don’t have our algorithm to support them.

This is an absolute game changer, but does come at a slightly higher cost than the industry standard; our AMC (Annual Management Charge) for this service is 1.25% per year.

Summary of our enhanced service.

To remain compliant we need to understand a client’s attitude to risk on an annual basis or if their situation changes throughout the year, this would be the maximum risk profile allocated to the client and will need to be confirmed in writing or by electronic signature request.

In addition to one of our advisers, you will be allocated a client administrator who will monitor your portfolio daily and will report directly to the adviser any slight change outside of set parameters, your dedicated administrator will also support in producing valuations, analysis reports and make sure your personal records and attitude to risk is current and up to date, the client administrator will also support your adviser so they’re able to give best advice in areas other than investments, such as insurance or tax efficient planning.

We will use our algorithm everyday to monitor global markets and keep abreast of events that could affect portfolio direction. If we believe one or more markets are likely to be affected we will alert all advisers and administrators to recommend to clients either a reduction or increase in risk for that particular sector/market, to remain compliant these changes will need to be confirmed in writing or by electronic signature with an instruction to accept or decline a change of risk, if unanswered the client administrators will continue to attempt to make contact with the client by telephone to inform of an electronic signature is waiting to be signed, once confirmed the changes will be made by your adviser and our in house Paraplanners will then produce the appropriate regulatory documentation required.

This enhanced active management service is far superior to anything in the industry, it will not only mean we will be quick to react in an up market for potential gains but also quick to react in a down market to preserve capital.

Is this service right for you?

We believe our enhanced service detailed above would be the right choice for the majority of investors who have an attitude to risk of cautious or greater. A unique active management service such as the above is expected to reduce risk and improve portfolios performance far greater than a slight increase in fees from a standard service to an enhanced active management service.

The enhanced service requires substantial resource and Woodward Financials would prefer new clients to invest over £100,000 but this may reduce in the future and remains at our discretion. Please still get in touch if you are just short of our entry level so we can work on a plan to achieve this, by emailing

Alternatively our Standard service is still far superior than most advice firms who charge 1% or higher, in most cases for a very basic service with the mantra of “invest for the long-term” no matter what market conditions are like or state of world economies, who then sit back and watch the portfolios go up and down for a mediocre return over the long-term, only glancing at the portfolio and making an odd change during the year.

Due to enhanced regulation, fees and levies our standard annual management fee remains at 1% slightly low than the enhanced management service detailed above.

The value of investments may fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you originally invested