Algorithm to drive enhanced active management service

Are you already using a wealth management service? Are you happy with the returns you are receiving relative to the management fees?

Let us compare what you are being provided by your current adviser against our Enhanced Active Management Service.

What Woodward Financials now has in place provides not only the best possible active management service available to investors, but also gives your investment portfolio the best possible chance to perform at its optimum.

This unique algorithm, five years in the making, identifies trading opportunities in world markets, signalling market weakness and strength as well indicating direction, this supports our fund based approach to investing in regulated investments.

We use the algorithm to not only support our service but to determine the asset allocation within our model portfolios.

The proof?

In our last “live” test we placed over 200 trades to gauge profitability with the algorithm returning 216 winning trades out of 218.  Please see the visual evidence below (shown over a one month period):

OurEnhanced Active Management Service uses a complex set of rules to be adhered to with the use of trading software, and a manual decision process to determine the outcome.

In 2021 we have restructured our business and looked closely at how to enhance our service to you, our clients.

We are now in a position to offer a unique advisory Enhanced Active Management Service unmatched by anyone in the market trading regulated funds.

Why?  Other companies will not sacrifice profits to invest in a resource that takes hundreds of development hours and then even more testing time.

We believe that our algorithm is a game-changer and is available to you at a marginally higher cost than the industry standard.  Our AMC (Annual Management Charge) for this service is only 1.25% per year.


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